Categorizing Recipes on Guliash Girl

Guliash Girl has a system that allows for the readers to choose a recipe based on difficulty and time needed.

The recipes are organized by ‘spoon’ level:

  • One spoon recipes require lower effort and should take a half hour or less.
  • Two spoon recipes take a moderate effort but should still be complete in under one hour.
  • Three spoon recipes are more complicated and could take longer than an hour to complete.

These are all subjective, so remember, what is easy for some people could be challenging for others. What might take me a half hour, could take another person much longer. I recognize that and will endeavour to explain the recipes well so you can decide if you think you have enough time and energy to try them that day.

Organizing the recipes by number of spoons is an easy, relatable way to scale the difficulty of each one. While it sounds similar, is not a direct reflection of the Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino and is not necessarily translatable. I do recommend you check out her work here as it is brilliant.

If you would rather browse the recipes without the categories, please visit the Recipes tab and they will all be listed there for you.

Please send me an e-mail if you have any questions!


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