Black Beans: Dry or Canned?


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On this blog, I want to be careful to avoid telling anyone what the ‘right’ thing to do is. I don’t believe there is one way to do anything and I hope that’s reflected in what I present to you. Today I am sharing how I cook using dried black beans, but that does not mean I think you should avoid using canned beans. You are going to use whatever works best for you and that could change from day to day. I hope this post helps you to see if you can add dried beans into your routine- or not!

Black beans are really good for you because they’re packed with fibre, protein, and vitamins and they are low fat. I use them in a lot of recipes as a sub for ground beef. It is much cheaper to use black beans and you can have them on hand instead of running to the store. Canned black beans are great and I use them regularly, but there are a lot of debates about using canned food because of some health risks. The high sodium content and potential BPAs are what is focused on. Using canned beans is definitely the most convenient, but using dried beans is actually cheaper in the long run if you have enough time to prepare them. It requires planning ahead, so I typically only use them on the weekend. Occasionally I will put the beans in water to soak before I leave for school or work and then when I get home I start cooking the beans about an hour before I would start cooking the rest of the meal. You can just leave them on the stove while you do other things so it isn’t too time-consuming. Most recipes call for canned beans, so here is an interesting article about canned to dry bean conversion by Serious Eats.

I use both canned and dried beans depending on how much time and energy I have. I find it nice to have both on hand, just in case. Here I will show step by step how to prepare dried black beans in case you haven’t done it before. Hopefully seeing the steps will help you decide if you have enough time and patience to cook beans this way!


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Dried Black Beans
6 hours preparation, 1 hour 20 minutes cook time, 3 spoon


-Dried black beans (amount depends on recipe)


  1. Rinse the black beans well in cold water, several times. The water should no longer be cloudy when they’re clean
  2. In a bowl, cover the black beans with warm water, cover the bowl with a lidBlack beans 2
  3. Soak for at least 6 hours, longer is okay
  4. Rinse the beans again and drain
  5. Transfer beans to a pot and add water (3 – 4 cups per cup of beans)
  6. Bring to a boil on high heat


7. Sprinkle salt and pepper (if you want)
8. Boil for 10 minutes
9. Bring to a simmer, low heat and cover for 1 hour
10. After an hour, taste the beans to see if they are fully cooked. If not, give them some more time
11. If excess water in the pot, drain beans


12. Now they are ready for your recipe!

Here are some examples of easy meals you can use black beans in. Stay tuned for more recipes!


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Please let me know if you try this recipe!  Did you find it easy to follow? I would appreciate any feedback you have. Reach out to me by email or on Facebook.

-Happy Cooking!


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