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  • Sweet Potatoes or Yams?

    roasted sweet poato

    Sweet potatoes? Yams? What the hell are these things called? Truthfully, I have done extensive (lol) research on all of the links on the first three pages of google for the search term “sweet potato vs yam” and I came up with nothing! There is so much conflicting information that I really have no idea. […]

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  • Connecting to Food

    Do you ever find yourself wondering where your food came from? The International Centre for Tropical Agriculture recently put out a study on how global our food system has become. According to the research, the world’s dependence on foreign crops has increased to 69%. If you’ve ever wondered the origin of your favourite foods, the study produced […]

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  • Friendsgiving

    Friendsgiving 3 spoon Yesterday I had a few pals over for a meal and I wanted to write a quick post about it this morning in case some of you still needed some last minute ideas for your family meals tonight. While I don’t want to promote the celebration of Thanksgiving for its colonial history, […]

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  • Freezing Fresh Corn

    How to Freeze Fresh Corn Have you ever found yourself with an abundance of corn on the cob? Maybe you grew it in your garden, or perhaps it was on sale and you bought a dozen cobs. If you aren’t able to eat the corn fresh, you can easily freeze it to use later on. […]

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  • Quinoa Bake

    I have been talking about sharing this recipe for a while now and the time is finally here! I have to fully credit Kayla at The Aspiring Something for turning me onto this meal as it is now one of my favourite things to cook. When I was staying at her house this summer, she […]