Oh, for the Love of Stew: A Guest Post by Michele Patton


When I think of home cooking, stew is one of the first things that comes to mind. My mom makes a delicious version with beef or wild meat. It is not something that I often make in my own kitchen, but this recipe seems super easy and yummy.

Our guest poster Michele Patton is back again to debunk the myth of tasteless stew! This recipe will be one to try as the weather gets colder. Thanks again Michele for sharing with us.

Oh for the love of Stew
Serves 6 – 8, 30 minutes prep, 1 Spoon

Stew is sort of a controversial kind of food.  Either you love it or you hate it.  Some people have disturbing memories of overcooked pasty-brown gristly gruel containing unidentifiable substances that taste like nothing, served atop warmed up mashed potatoes on a cold depressing winter night.

Not me! I think of stew as a kaleidoscope of colour, flavours and textures all wrapped up in a delightful comfort-food package! What could be better than that? This recipe is so easy to prepare – just throw it all in the slow cooker on high and let ‘er rip!  When it’s almost done, you add the thickener and tomato paste and Voila!  Dinner Extraordinaire!


A couple of side notes:

  • If you find stewing beef tough and gristly, you might try purchasing a steak that you can afford and cutting it into 2.5 cm (1 inch) cubes. We have started to do this at our house and love the results!  Every bite’s a winner!
  • I used fresh thyme from my herb garden. I just snipped off a few stems and threw them in the pot! Easy peasy.  But dried will work just as good.
  • Add any vegetables that make you happy. I left out the beans this time and added celery and carrots only.  You can make mashed potatoes on the side instead of adding them into the stew, but do what suits your fancy!
  • I doubled the tomato paste when making the flour/tomato paste thickener and used a little less brown sugar. The sweetness sure does add pizzaz!


Here’s the recipe for this lil’ gem.  I found it on www.12tomatoes.com

If you’d love a little something extra to go with your stew masterpiece, try this recipe for baking powder biscuits.

A couple little biscuit tidbits:

  • If the butter is cold from the fridge you can grate it using a cheese grater and the pieces are the exact size to blend into the flour perfectly!
  • OR: if you find you don’t have enough time, you can always buy the biscuits in a can, pop it open and bake!

I am hoping this recipe will give you a new love for a golden oldie that sometimes gets a bad rap.

Bon appetit!


Thanks again Michele, we always appreciate your recipes! For those of you without a slow cooker, you could easily cook this in the oven as well! Just lessen the cooking time. 

If you would like to do a guest post for Guliash Girl, please send me an e-mail at laine@guliashgirl.com or find me on Facebook. 

-Happy Cooking




Michele Patton is a world traveler, a wine lover, and an adventurous cook. She is a wife, mother of two and grandmother of one. Michele has recently retired from the healthcare industry and now has more time to expand her horizons in the kitchen.

Unless otherwise sourced, the photographs were provided by Michele Patton.



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