Curried Crab and Yam Pizza: A Guest Post by Tyler Herrington

Who doesn’t love a good pizza? From traditional pepperoni to gourmet pizzas like this one, this dish spans generations. On today’s guest post, my friend Tyler is sharing his recipe for curried crab and yam pizza that he entered into a competition a few years back. Luckily for us he is still making it and is sharing the recipe with us today! I love the accessibility of this recipe and its different accomodations based on preference and what’s available to you. 

To hear more from Tyler, please visit his Craft Beer Review blog or catch him at one of the ‘Let’s Talk Science’ events around Waterloo!


Curried Crab and Yam Pizza

It began with a slightly suspicious package from somewhere in the US, with a label denoting that it had been inspected by Canada Customs. I had entered a pizza recipe into a contest in July 2010, called the Safeway Cheese Champions. Knowing anything about me, you should realize that this is likely one of the most ironic competitions for me to ever enter, as I hate almost every cheese on the planet (except for the mildest of cheeses, such as Bocconcini, Mozzarella, and Monterey Jack)!

I proceeded to open the package, somewhat carefully, and to my surprise, inside was a $50 Safeway gift card, and a letter telling me that I was runner-up in the Safeway Cheese Champions, along with a profile of the winning recipes!

The pizza was inspired by one I had tried at Woodenheads Gourmet Pizza, in Kingston, the summer before; one with curried lobster. However, I wanted to add some west coast flair and my own unique flavour combinations! Enter my curried crab and yam pizza with Pacific Dungeness Crab, bocconcini, sweet potato, yam and a cream-curry sauce! If you can get it, fresh crab is always superior to canned crab, however you can use canned crab if fresh is not available (as I did tonight).


2 Spoon, Approx 1 hour


1 tub of bocconcini

1 can of crab (or fresh crab if available)

½ sweet potato (or whole sweet potato if not using purple yam)

1 Japanese purple yam

Pizza dough or your favourite pizza shell


For the roux:

2 heaping Tbsp butter/margarine

1 heaping Tbsp of flour

Splosh of white wine


For the cream sauce:

1 Tbsp curry powder (to taste) – you don’t want to overwhelm the crab flavour

1 cup of whipping cream


Preheat the oven to 450oF (or per the instructions on your package of dough/pizza crust).

You can either boil or roast the yams/sweet potato. Boiling is easiest (I often do this for time’s sake), but roasting would provide more flavour. I often use a combination of sweet potato and purple yams (to add some colour contrast!)

Next, we need to create the curried crab sauce. Begin by making a roux by mixing butter, flour and white wine. Then add 1 Tbsp of curry powder and 1 cup of whipping cream, and bring to a gentle boil, stirring frequently. Shut off element and set aside.

Place roughly 1/3 of the crab in a bowl, reserving the rest (especially the claw meat, and larger chunks) for later.

Add a couple ladles of the curry-cream sauce to the crab, and then spread onto your favourite pizza crust or pizza dough, as you would tomato sauce. I tend to use President’s Choice Multigrain Thin Crust Pizza Shells, as I can’t be bothered to make dough from scratch.

Slice bocconcini into thin medallions, and evenly place across crust/dough, reserving some for later.

Then thinly slice the yam and/or sweet potato into circles and lay on top of the bocconcini, followed by the rest of the crab meat.

Garnish with the reserved bocconcini, and cook as per the package instructions for your favourite pizza crust (it takes roughly 8 minutes for the PC Thin Crust Pizza Shell).


Thanks so much for sharing your award (almost!) winning recipe Tyler.  If you would like to do a guest post for Guliash Girl, please send me an e-mail at or find me on Facebook. 

-Happy Cooking




From Vancouver, Tyler has recently relocated to Waterloo, Ontario to work on a PhD in Geography at the University of Waterloo, where he is investigating the main contributors to climate feedbacks in the sub-Arctic boreal forest! He frequents Southeast Asian delicacies, especially Indian and Thai food, but has also been known to eat the occasional bowl of Phở.

His brother believes that he should quit grad school and open up a pizza restaurant, as he is known for such “classics” as the Safeway Cheese Champion’s runner-up Curried Crab and Sweet Potato Pizza, the Pork n Pear – a pizza with apple butter, Andouille sausage, capocollo, mozzarella and pear, as well as his Potato-Onion-Garlic-Prosciutto pizza!

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